May 2012 be groovy for all of us!


-Teenage Wasteland

(via that70s)

(via that70s)

"We’re still rockin’ in Wisconsin."

FUN FACT: The idea of creating this blog came to us while we were on the beach. It just came. Haha.

Read this comic strip: Teenage Wasteland. That’s basically the story. Haha! :D
THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Those ’70s Comics! :)


Congratulations to Teenage Wasteland! on its one-year tumblr!anniversary!

You run a great That ’70s Show blog, and you help us fans continue to celebrate the show. Thank you so much for sharing your love of the show with us!

Thank you, Those ’70s Comics!!!!

The idea of creating this blog came to us while we were on the beach! :D

HELLO WISCONSIN (and the rest of the world)!

Today is Teenage Wasteland’s first birthday! This site’s one year old now! Wohoooo~

Thank you guys for the support and keeping this site groovy! 

Okay! Guys, you’re already 25,000 ++ !!

We don’t know if it’s time for celebrating knowing that around 60 of you aren’t real. And these spam accounts keep on coming. WHYYYYY?!

But anyway, THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO YOU, TO THE STRONG 25,000! Thanks for appreciating this blog, even though we don’t post as much as before. Next next week is our first Tumblr anniversary, BTW. :D

Keep on enjoying the blog! And take care, all of you.

LOVE, Teenage Wasteland