Season 1 | Episode 11

Hi guys! Here’s a teaser for a friend’s fanfic. Watch it, and read the fanfic for an ultimate trip! :D


Movie-like trailer for my new T7S fanfic Beneath a Shattered Sky!

The T7S gang is literally cut out of the basement and thrust into the fantasy world of the story. Unlike any T7S video made before. With special effects.

(I recommend full-screen and turn up the volume :D).


Stocks Used:

Moss forest 1 and Moss Forest 2 by Antithisis-Stock Cracked earth texture by AustraliaAngloAlliance Fairyland by BrokenVain-Stock On the Lake by Fallen-ImmortalCracked Earth Dirt Texture and Blue Topaz + Diamond Ring by FantasyStockTree Corner and Tree 10 by gd08 Sunny Ireland Hills by Ghost-Rebel-StockCastle gate by Grinmir-stock A Perfect Border Foreground by Jantiff-StocksTreasure Scatter by justalittleknotty Netley Abbey and New Forest by LadyxBoleyn Enchanted Painted Night Sky by Maria-Murphy-ART Railing Stock, Railing Stock 2, and Circle Stock 2 by Mihraystock Grapevine Staircase by MMDanielson Austria Stock by Malleni-Stock The Room by NA-StockArchway by nathies-stock Light Beams and Rays Brushes by Treasure Cave by phatpuppy Bright Sky by photohouse Black Hills by SparkyStock Crystal by Stock-by-Kai Dark Room by Stock-gallery Twisted Tree by Stoked-Stock Water Tower stock by therealShelob Field by ToxicScribbleStock Inside the Cave by Twimperology Cave Stock by XerStock

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