Season 7 | Episode 16 

Season 7 | Episode 25

That ’70s Song (In The Street)
Cheap Trick 

Cheap Trick at Point Place? Awesome idea!

Okay! Guys, you’re already 25,000 ++ !!

We don’t know if it’s time for celebrating knowing that around 60 of you aren’t real. And these spam accounts keep on coming. WHYYYYY?!

But anyway, THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO YOU, TO THE STRONG 25,000! Thanks for appreciating this blog, even though we don’t post as much as before. Next next week is our first Tumblr anniversary, BTW. :D

Keep on enjoying the blog! And take care, all of you.

LOVE, Teenage Wasteland

I’ve Got The Music In Me - That ’70s Show cast
From Season 3 Episode 2 

Download here.

Spam accounts.

We have like around 30 of them. Blocked them all already! WHAT IS HAPPENING?

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Season 7 | Episode 2

Season 3 | Episode 2


Season 7 | Episode 24


Season 7 | Episode 15


Anonymous asked: hey can you guys do a post from season 4 episode 2 where fez is asking the mime if he knows where kelso is? thanks! xD

Sure. Thank you.

afinehighlonesomemadness asked: you should do a gif of all the time red threatens to put his foot up someones ass

the one from the last episode i believe

GIF? You mean with text? We’ll try. :)

Anonymous asked: Can you make a collage of a bunch of photos where Eric has no pants on? Maybe including the one where he’s lying in Donnas bed.

Sure. Could you help us find the episodes though? :)

journey-to-beautiful asked: I just want to say: I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!

That 70s Show is the best thing to happen to TV.

Thank you. And YES! Forever the best.

Anonymous asked: can u post a “i love you. i love cake.” one? idk if u already have one but i cant find it


dyleanpered asked: i love that 70s show:)(haha) i love your blog can you please follow me i would love that ?

Thank you!

lifeissoeasylol asked: how many times did that water tower get vandalised? XD

I don’t actually know, but in the show I think it’s more than 3 times? The first one, where they painted the weed that gives the finger (haha), the second time, when Fez got caught while painting the “Genitals in the Sky” and that’s also the time when Kelso painted “Jackie + Kelso”, and the third one was when Fez accidentally replaced Jackie’s name with his. Haha.

amandajolie asked: hey, can you do a screen cap from the series finale where michael comes back? he and fez and hyde are on the water tower and michael goes, “did you just kiss my ear?” and then fez says, “a little” and michael goes, “i liked it”. or have you already made it?

Haha. Sure. :D

lovethatsexyfashion asked: hahah i just went like 5 pages into your tumblr :) love it <33

Thank you. Glad you liked it. :)

its-a-trap asked:

Is there any way you can get a GIF of 8:14 - 8:21 or a GIF of 8:23 - 8:29

Okay. :)

its-a-trap asked:

the part at 10:27 would be a hillarious gif

Sure. Thanks for suggesting.

Anonymous asked: can you please post your icon ? (:
thank you! :)

Click here.

Anonymous asked: Didn’t find any (maybe I’m blind) from the episode where Donna and Casey brakes up and Donna wants Eric back. Would love the clip where Kitty and Red tell Eric he should told Donna that he loves her.

Uhm, you’re not blind. I think we haven’t done that one yet, so.. :)

anonlandia asked: ANONLANDIA: a place where all anonymous people are welcome and whatever you write will be posted
also a source of gif animations and memes
we’d be glad If you’ll check our blog and WE DO NOT ask you to follow us or promote

Guys, check it out.

Anonymous asked: i wish there was a gif of donna saying “free at last, FREE AT LAST!” from season 4’s episode 5… she’s so sassy.

Sure, we’ll make one.

explicitmemoirs asked: Can you get me the link for when Donna eats Eric’s bacon after they found out he’s going to Africa?


deirdreanne asked: can i request a .gif of Donna saying “I will always love you” from the episode: the first time?

Sure. Thank you.

amandajolie asked: hey, i have a suggestion, or rather, it’s something you’ve already posted but i can’t find it. it’s from the same episode that this is from . kelso says (not to) about fez, “look at him, he’s undressing me with his eyes!” and then fez says, “you undressed yourself, you sonofabitch!” i think you’ve already made it, so could you post a link to it? if not, you should make it :) i love your blog sooo much, btw.

Hello, yes, we’ve posted that one before. Here it is: UNDRESSING. Thank you! :)



smallhoops asked: Can you make a gif of ‘pimp’ Hyde making a ring on the table with his glass, because, “Forget coasters!” ?

Hahaha, SURE! :D

calander asked: Hey could you guys do the one where they’re preparing for erics bachular party and they give the beer hand to Eric and he tries to shake it off to test it as a GIF pleast??

Hmmm, okay. As soon as we remember which episode was that from.

dailyfangirlmoment asked: Hey. You’ve probably heard this a hundred times but I NEED to thank you for posting The Joker with download link. Seriously, I have tears in my eyes. It’s just… hear them singing together… this will never ever happen again. Everytime I realize That 70’s Show is over, I have to cry.
So… thank you. Love your blog <3

Thank you so much! We’re glad you like it. Too bad they didn’t release a full cut of that song sung by the cast. It would’ve been better right? But yeah, let’s just enjoy what we have. ;D


Create a text post. Just put a question, or even just a question mark on the text box. Then, an option will appear on lower right side, just below the tags box, saying “Let people reply”. :)

moeby asked: hey guys! :D
did you ever see that Final Goodbye special/episode? :)
i cried my heart out for that…
i think it’d be pretty great if you made some caps or gifs of some scenes :)

GREAT BLOG! *A* i can’t believe i haven’t been following you all this time! D:

P.S. by the way, it’s this one :)

(comes in 6 parts tho :-/)

Yes, I download that one. And I always watch it… and yes, I cry everytime. Guys, you should watch it, if you still haven’t.

princessnadia asked: I Love Your Site <3

Thanks for doing this for us who still L O V E this amazing show!!

Request: Could you do some of Laurie and her professor..
ie: “burst into flames, burst into flames” … & “How lame is your student body if your trying to get this dumb one back in”

Thanks, you’re awesome!! <3

Burst into flames. We’ll make more from that episode! :)

Anonymous asked: i really like your profile photos could you post them?

Click here.


Season 5 | Episode 24

Guys, we must promote this blog again, because this contains works that deserves to be seen by many. It’s full of awesome and definitely funny That ’70s Show comic strips! The images we used in this picture is the owner’s work! :D Nice, right? So if you want a daily dose of That ’70s Show-inspired jokes in the form of comic strips, you know what to do! :D

We have new layout! Tell us what you think about it! :)

Is it okay or not?

Season 7 | Episode 24